Bar Therapist

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University Project

Have you ever yearned for someone to fix your problems by suggesting the right kind of drink to you but therapists just refuse to be cool about it?

No longer!

The Bar Therapist will not only listen to whatever ails your soul but thanks to Artificial Intelligence it will also create a tasty alternative to real therapy in no time.

Together with two study colleagues, Tanja Kobler and Tobias Schittenkopf, the Bar Therapist was realised as a semester project at my information design study. Utilising the Chat GPT API we are able to insert the user inputs into pre-written prompt templates and filter the result to create and print a fake prescription displaying the name, ingredients and instructions to a fictitious alcoholic drink.

The Bar Therapist was displayed twice, once at the Roboexotica convention in vienna and once at the end of semester exhibition in Graz.

watch the bar therapist in action

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